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The reason we do youth work is to create a safe and loving community where young people get to know more about God and each other. One man called Paul once wrote to a small village in the Bible saying to the people there “we loved you so much we not only shared the Gospel with you, but our whole lives as well.” In a nutshell, that’s what we want to do. We want to give our young people the lens of the Gospel through which they can view their entire experience of life.

Also . . . as we head into the summer term, it's time to book onto those residentials!
Spree for Years 7-9 (service crew for those in Yrs 11-13)
Satellites for Years 9-13


If you have a young person in Years 7-9, we would love   them to come along to Spree! If they are in Years 11-13   then we would love them to join us as service crew!   Spree is a fun-filled weekend of activities coupled with   a worship and teaching programme run by Urban Saints  where churches can bring their children and young   people to build relationships, have fun together and   allow space for everyone to meet with God. We are   taking bookings now so don't delay and sign up today!   Please note travel is not included but shared lifts can be   arranged and that we also do have some benevolent   funding available so cost is not a barrier. Click here for   more info from Urban Saints or click here to book a place!

We are really excited about going to Satellites in the summer. If you are currently in Year 9 or above then we would love for you to join us! If you want to book then head to the booking page, create an account and be sure to select that you want to join an existing group when booking your ticket using my email address and select that you are sharing with someone else, we will provide the tents and the food. (Please note transport is not provided, we will try and arrange lifts between us and there will be an additional cost for food) Do get in touch if cost is an issue and we can make good use the benevolent fund!

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Illuminate Youth Weekend Away

Welcoming families

We want to help you feel welcome and safe at SBC.  Please watch the above video to find out more on how our young people meet on a Sunday morning. 


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