Christian faith is best practised with others in communities. It is hard to love one another or serve one another if we are not regularly committed to a group of people. At SBC, the primary place for developing faith is within one of our Beacon communities. These are extended families sharing life and challenging one another to grow as disciples, and to share the good news as witnesses. Beacons are communities that are small enough that people can come to really know each other and big enough to act meaningfully in outreach together.

If you are part of SBC, we want you to be part of a Beacon.

Our Beacon life is always changing. Some groups have come to the end of their lifespan; others are just being birthed. It is one of our core intentions to grow the many expressions of faith that these Beacons allow and to help everyone to find a place.

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24:7 Beacon
Time: Twice monthly on Thurs & once a month on a Sun afternoon
A group committed to living for Jesus 24 by 7.
Leaders: Jeremy & Debbie Allen at or Eirian Rees Jones at
Community Beacon
Time: Mon evening and community events
Centred around Stopsley Village the community we love. We plan and engage in Stopsley Community events.
Leaders: Jeremy & Julie Young at
DNA Beacon
Time: Twice a month on a Wed evening & once a weekend for a family social
DNA (Discipleship, Nature & Acceptance). This Beacon grew out of an Alpha course and wants to live as extended family based on those three values.
Leaders: Karen Carron at or Jane L-Mason at
FAB Beacon
Time: Weds
Life in Action Beacon our mission is ‘To develop meaningful relationships within our Beacon, provide help & support to others in the community’.
Leaders: Victoria Azubuine at
Living Praise Beacon
Time: Last Friday of every month & an additional day in the month
We give thanks and praise to God for sustaining us and seeing us through the month. Our basis for doing this has been Psalm 150:6
Leaders: Patrick Obuseh at or Ola Adebayo at
Park Church Beacon
Time: 1st & 3rd Sun of the month at People's Park
This Beacon is on a mission to take church to the park and experience God through nature. See here:
Leaders: Jeremy Wiliiams at
Seven Beacon
Time: Every other Friday 7.00pm to 9.30pm
This Beacon meets and eats together around a vision for using our gifts and serving the church as in Acts 6:2-7
Leaders: Mez Ascott at; Pete Fraser at; Liz Mattocks at and Dave Yule at
Sharing Life Beacon
Time: Alternate Fridays to eat together from 6:00 pm & once each half term for breakfast, prayer & teaching
Sharing Life is about exactly that. We meet in the Bushmead area of Luton and are committed to discovering how we are missionaries.
Leaders: Ruth Deacon at or Jenny Dukes at
Stretch Beacon
Time: Currently fortnightly on Zoom for an hour
We are called ’Stretch’ because we want to be stretched in our faith, understanding, witness and relationships. We remain an exploring Beacon.
Leaders: Nicola or Steve Moody on or
The Village Beacon
Time: Weds & at other times
This Beacon loves Stopsley Village. We eat together and often pray for the local Stopsley businesses.
Leaders: Ian Pirks at or Cathy Carty at or Sharon Moulding at or Sue McFarlane at or Sue Pirks at

Beacon Events

Sparking New Beacons

We have produced a publication called ‘Seeing sparks’ which is a collection of ideas for those looking for inspiration around mission. Some of these sparks may ignite new Beacon groups. We believe that God has invited all of us to join him in transforming the world. The kingdom is all around us and the air is humming with the Spirit at work. All we need to do is tune our spiritual radios to the right frequency, and we’ll start hearing mission opportunity everywhere. That’s what this booklet is about – the possibilities. We want to take the definition of what is and isn’t mission, and blow the doors off.

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