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Life in all its fullness involves a wholehearted commitment to seeking God. Prayer is key.

When do we meet?

We are growing to be a church, which is a community of missional communities. Some of our church meets in Beacon gatherings away from our main building in different locations in Luton and the surrounding area. Details of these are available in the Beacon section of website- see here.

We continue, however, to host a service every Sunday in our main building

Our regular Sunday morning service is a place to come and celebrate the goodness of God, to hear Bible teaching and to be equipped for the everyday life of following Jesus. Ours is an informal but passionate gathering and usually includes lively times of sung worship, story-telling, Bible teaching and prayer- both intercession, crying out to God for our world and space for personal ministry praying for one another. We want people come to participate not to spectate and encourage as many as possible to take the opportunity to serve in making these times the best they can be for everyone.

Our service begins at 10.30am but is preceded by a time of prayer from 10am to which all are invited.


Children’s sessions are run during the service from 11am till 12pm for pre-school, Key Stage One, Key Stage Two and Key Stage Three ages.

Our service ends with the opportunity to share coffee and share news.

On the second Sunday of every month we hold a Feast service, to which our whole community come. The pattern of our meeting is similar to in other weeks although we are looking to be deliberately celebratory on these weeks and through story-telling and teaching to be reminded of who we are in Christ all together. As a key part of this, Feast Sundays end with the sharing of communion, which reminds us of the still point from which our ministry begins and to which we return- the cross of Christ. We also stay on to share food together after our Feast Services each month.

Feast Night Worship Services begin at 6.30pm and are currently held in rooms 5 and 6 in our main building. These tend to be more intimate and seek to be a solid piece of teaching delivered very consciously in the presence of God and with space to prepare for the week ahead.