At the heart of Stopsley Baptist Church is a desire to be conformed to the image of Christ, to grow to be more like Jesus. This is the message of our narrative of belief and this lies behind the values which represent the DNA of all things SBC. Above everything else, we value Jesus Christ.


Valuing Jesus is not an abstract matter. To value Jesus is to live with him and for him in our world- not just on Sundays but every day, every where.. At Stopsley Baptist Church as we grow into our vision of becoming a community of missional communities, we have agreed a core set of values which hold us together. Ours is a complex church, a network of different ministries and communities, but our values shape our life and lend us identity in all of our different contexts.

We value:


Relationship:We believe in a God whose life is worked out in community- Father, Son and Holy Spirit. So, we believe that Christӳ call to love can only happen as we are committed to living out our faith together, with others. We encourage belonging to one of our missional communities; we encourage hospitality, mutual care and encouragement, spurring one another on as disciples of Christ.


Mission:Jesus was not sent by the Father to form an institution but to establish a movement declaring the Kingdom of God. And, at the end of his ministry in John, he commissions his followers saying, Peace be with you! As the Father sent me, so am I sending you.Ҡ We believe that God sends us all. We believe in our day that there is a need for a fresh urgency to recognise that everything is mission and everyone is missionary. We are wanting to grow to be a church equipped to express this instinctively through our missional communities, in our everyday circumstances and everywhere.


Holiness:We believe that God is holy has called us out of one way of life to be a people seeking to honour him in a distinctive, different, God-reflecting manner. Paul wrote, DonӴ copy the behaviours and customs of the world but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think (Romans 12.1, The Message) We encourage our missional communities, our ministries and our everyday living to be reflections of the holy way of life into which we are born in Christ.


Creation:Not only does the Bible tell us that God is the creator, but it also speaks of Jesus as sustaining creation and renewing it. The resurrection is the dawn of a new day in which all things are being made new. We believe our missional communities, our ministries and our everyday lives should be places where Godӳ goodness is celebrated, where injustice is lamented and where hope is offered, not just in word but in deed.

Our values are the landmarks which orientate our living. It is our intention that all expressions of SBC share this same DNA and give us our identity.

This simple triangle expresses the same values in a more immediate way; the hope we express in our value of creation is what emerges when we live within the dynamic of this triangle.