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Assistant Site Manager (Mondays):  Help with setting up rooms, cleaning and making the business of Monday happen.

Job Advert Asst Site Manager Aug 2019

Job Description Asst Site Manager July 2019

Job Description – GHM Cafe Coordinator Sept 2019 (see publicity below)



Asia Harvest prints and delivers full Bibles in China for just $1.80 each and below are two testimonies from Chinese people who have just received the Word of God for the first time. As we share their stories, we invite you to pray for them, and please consider giving so that more Christians like these can read God’s Word for themselves.

“My name is Zuam and I am 46-years-old. My parents died when they placed chemical fertilizer on their vegetables when I was only six months old. My aunt and uncle took me in and loved me as if I was their own child. However, when I was five a man told me they were not my real parents. I was devastated and it caused me incredible emotional pain. I tried to commit suicide several times. In 2005, when I was 34, I repented and submitted my life to Jesus Christ, and God accepted me as His child. For years we prayed for a Bible, and God has amazingly used you to provide us with His precious Word. It is my dream come true. Thanks to all who have blessed us.”

“My name is Cherry and I am 19. My mother was born into a family that worshipped demons, and my grandfather was the shaman for our village. In 2008 he heard about Jesus for the first time and he became a Christian. Little by little the people in my village became Christians, and there are few who still worship evil spirits. I am very happy to receive this Bible, because it is God’s Word. Thank you for helping me know the Lord Jesus Christ!”


At SBC the China Bible Printing box is on the stairs.  Please either put a gift of cash in the box or write a cheque made payable to “AsiaLink” who are Asia Harvest’s partners in the UK.  You can put the cheque in the box or hand it to one of us personally.

Thanks on behalf of China Christians in unregistered churches who these Bibles mainly go to.

Des  & Sandie Summerson


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Tuesday Fellowship Drivers Needed

Is anyone available to help pick up a few of our seniors on a Tuesday afternoon, give them a lift to the meeting here at SBC by 2pm and then return them home after 3:45pm, once a month? We are in real need of drivers!


Are you upgrading your laptop/tablet and no longer need the existing one? The Oasis centre would welcome laptop donations which aid the girls & boys homework clubs they currently run.

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