When I was in the sixth grade, we took a week-long class trip to go snorkeling off the coast of California (because my school was crazy awesome). I wasnӴ exactly afraid of sharks or jellyfish or sharks or sharks. After all, I did go in the water (and it was the ocean). We spent four days snorkeling, and each day was better than the last (and it started out really good, so you do the math). That is, until I swam through a ԫelp forestԠ(which isnӴ as much of a forest as it is a Էadԩ.

In an instant those dirty seaweeds wrapped themselves around my leg, and I knew that monsters were pulling me to the bottom of the ocean where I would die נcold and alone. I would never play Nintendo again, and no one would be able to take care of my cat (I knew that having a pet was a big responsibility).

Whatӳ funny is that when I see seaweed at the store (fancy store) Iӭ all like, ԗhatever seaweedԠor ԉ canӴ believe people eat thatԠor ԗhoӳ dried out now!ԠBut in the sixth grade it tried to kill me.

Fear is all about perspective.

My imagination betrayed me. My perspective was wrong. Fear tricked me and then happily retreated back to the sanctuary of its factory so it could design, scheme, and dream up new methods of deceit. Fear turns me against myself. It exploits my imagination. It creates monsters, it paralyzes, it never tires (as long as I continue to provide it with an unlimited supply of natural resources). Fear tries hard. Fear has to try hard נit is up against a mighty opponent: Perfect Love.

Perfect Love shifts perspectives. Perfect Love creates peace; it frees; it never tires. Perfect Love has its own factory, but it is self-sufficient. Fear needs me, but I need Perfect Love. When I plug into Love I am fed instead of fed upon. I am tried instead of tired. I am at peace.

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