Some Assembly Required is a series that recognizes that sometimes the best things in life come in pieces and that how we put the pieces together determines what we have in the end. So, we work, we read, we choose, and we construct. Sometimes, we must deconstruct and we start over. But in the end, we learn more in the process than we ever could have if the final product had just been handed to us, and we discover that some assembly required is not the threat we thought it was but actually part of the gift. This is how a relationship with God often functions. Itӳ easy to think that the Christian life is a one-stop shop purchased by one decision and a lot of grace. We want the finished product without the process. But it rarely works this way. Rather, when we choose God, we donӴ get a life complete and free from struggle. Instead, God gives us a life with new potential, a set of instructions and a smile. He invites us into the process of putting it all together and works beside us as we do.








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