Welcome to SBC!- if you have found your way to this page I guess you have just arrived. We are glad you came but we would love you to stay, find a home and get involved.

OurNEXT SBC welcome evening is onWeds 20 November 2013 at 7pmin The Lounge Cafe. Itis a relaxed evening, over a meal, to find out more about what goes on at SBC. A time to hear from people on team, ask questions and share opportunities to find a place where you can belong and get more involved. Here’s some feedback fromour last Welcome Evening:

“I would like to sincerely thank you and all the ‘staff’ at SBC for such a genuine and warmwelcome.Very well structured introduction meeting, great food and wonderful company.I felt completely at ease and SBC mission is totally in line with our desire for how we want to live our life in Christ. This is a great body of believers. Where every family member is catered for and can grow. Indeed God answers prayers. Thanks once again. “

“I would like to say a huge thank you for all that you did last night. It was a greatevening, well organised and really encouraging. Thank you all for your input and support.We really enjoyed theevening- the meal was great, and thank you to everybody for giving of your time.Well done everyone!”

Join us on Weds 20 November at 7pmcall the SBC office to book your place – 01582 727352….. (a donation of õ is asked towards the meal on the evening)



We have been asking ourselves what did Jesus seek to leave behind after Acts 1 and his disappearance in the clouds at Ascension? Did Jesus have in mind a body of religious folk who would gather dutifully once a week, sing a collection of songs, be spoken to by someone from some distance, share a cup of coffee and then go homeơnd then to repeat the pattern the next week? Or did he have more in mind?


Did he envisage real relationship in communities formed around Christ? Did he envisage people encouraging one another to be disciples everyday everywhere? Did he see all disciples as missionary or all as ministers- or just a specialist few? Did he foresee lots of people saved and waiting to live in heaven or life and life to the full beginning in the here and now? Freedom. Love. Generosity. Hospitality. Forgiveness. Mercy and Truth.


Church- the called out people with beautiful feet who proclaim and live peace, salvation and Jesus as King of the Kingdom of God.


We think so. And that is what we are pursuing: in our missional communities, in our workplaces, in our homes and schools, in our services, in our caf鬠in our youth and childrenӳ work, at messy church, in prayer, in mission at home and overseasƩn all places everywhere always.


The beginning of a great adventure which we would love you to join us inŠ There are many ways to get involved. At our Sunday services, there is a Welcome team who would love to get to know you; in a Beacon we hope you will find community and friendship as well as an exciting life of discipleship and mission; we are always looking for volunteers to help in many areas and being welcomed we believe means becoming involved; we would love you to access news through our website or our Facebook page or our Enews; you could even come and have lunch at The Lounge caf鼯a> where there will be people to talk toƜr