Our Foodworks needs:

UHT Milk

(Small) Granulated Sugar


(Small) Packets of Rice

Tinned Pasta

Tinned Carrots

(Small) Coffee



“Many thanks to everyone for donating food to our Foodworks ministry!”


A Ministry with a Mission

SBC Foodworks is a fantastic ministry that provides food parcels to individuals and families in crisis. We are (sadly) busier than ever with food parcels going out most days. We are now working with an awful lot of agencies in Luton who are incredibly appreciative of the work this ministry does and tell us of the very real impact our simple parcels have on the individuals and families who receive them.

On average we give out between 3 and 4 parcels a week, through more than 15 agencies such as Children’s Centres, Citizens Advice Bureau, School Family Workers, Social Services, Health Visitors, GreenHouse Mentoring and many more.We have provided food and toiletry essentials for 180 families and individuals and we try and make sure that each parcels has provisions for up to a week. The majority of this food is donated by SBC membersand local schools that we contact at Harvest time and we use monetary donations to top up what we run short of. A huge thank you to everyone that has been involvedeither by giving food or money; requesting parcels for people in need, helping sort out all the produce that comes in or helping put a food parcel together. Be assured that this ministry really does make a difference in the community it serves.

If you would like to know more or get involved yourself, please contact Lysle Osborne in the church office.