In Jesus’ time people would live together in extended families. In the Bible when you read the words “go and tell your household…” the word for household would mean blood family plus business partners, servants and friends. They would love each other, trust each other and would function as the basic family unit of a society. We have a vision here for our future that we too would become one church families made up of smaller ones who have gathered together around a particular idea in their neighbourhood or collective interest. Here, we call these families “Beacons”.

Some of these groups have been around a long time, others might only be here for a short time. As we grow as a church, we are hoping that more groups will emerge into the future gathering around new and different areas of interest. We are working to improve the way to begin joining a beacon.  Click on the different groups to get a feel of what we have already got going on.

After that, fill in the form below to register your interest and you should get contacted by one of the Beacon team to meet up. If you have an idea for a brand new group then we are waiting to hear from you have a look at our new page called to lead.