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Lent Prayer Guide:

This document offers prayer prompts to support the work of SBC home and away throughout the season of Lent. Let’s join together each day and pray…

The Roman Road 2015

Digest: TheRomanRoad

Week One

Week Two

Week Three

Week Four

Christmas Missional Bible Studies

These studies look to compare the different nativity stories in the different gospels as we approach Christmas. As well as looking at the Bible, each study looks to examine how we are celebrating Christmas and particularly to think about what Christmas means to those we are living amongst. The studies are under construction and will be updated over the coming days to include sections on all four gospels.

Christmas Missional Bible Studies

Prayer Resource:

Karl Pritchard led the final session of our recent ‘Mind the Gap’ teaching on Intercession. Here are the slides from his presentation which sum up the principles he taught and highlight also the teaching resource he referred to- Joy Dawson’s ‘Intercession: Thrilling and Fulfilling’.

Intercession Notes- Karl Pritchard

New youth resources

We are currently trialing some new youth resources that have been purchased from 3DM. These look perfect for youth work in beacons or smaller settings. Each series is an intensive 4 session and takes seriously the difficulty of connecting young people to their faith. Have a look.



Here are the two main talks from Paul Maconochie during our Missionall conference this year. There is a huge amount in the videos to chew over and digest. Why don’t you allow some time either in your family or in your beacon to watch these through?

The Basics



These downloads will help you begin to understand some of the key aspects of the way in which we want to follow Jesus.

Huddles Introduction

Huddles Character

Missional Communities

LifeShapes Introduction

Digests and study tools

Autumn 2014 is beginning with a series called ‘Dambusting’. This is going to look at a few areas which may block us from receiving the promise of ‘life and life to the full’, which Jesus speaks of in John 10.10.

Week One- Full?

Week Two- Father?

Week 3- Fearful?

This one off from our March Feast includes the 15 ideas forworship without a band that Sam and Sara shared for Lent. They all are very applicable to Beacons. The ideas can be found at amongst a plethora of other material.


Stripped down worship


The following resources accompany our current series on the seven signs in John’s Gospel

Sign 1

Sign 2

Sign 3

Sign 4


Here are some materials which may help you focus on God as we enter 2014

Into 2014

Screwtape 1

Screwtape 2

Screwtape 3



The following studies accompany the brief series looking at the letters found in Revelation 3, called ‘Revealing Letters’.

Revealing Letters Digest 1 Introduction

Revealing Letters Digest 2 Letter to Sardis

Revealing Letters Digest 3 Letter to Philadelphia

Revealing Letters Digest 4 Letter to Laodicea

In Autumn 2013 we will be looking at the book of Daniel as a backdrop to learn about how to live faithfully in exile. The series will be called ‘Stretch’ and it will no doubt challenge us to exercise our faith as we consider the church’s place in the UK amidst a culture increasingly hostile and contradictory to Christian faith. A book by Gerard Kelly called ‘Stretch’ which develops the thinking of this series more fully can be bought here:

Digest Week 1: ‘Away from Home’

Digest Week 2: Intrinsic Faith

Digest Week 3: Acoustic Faith

Digest Week 4: Elastic Faith

Digest Week 5- Kenotic Faith

Digest Extra- Five Qualities for Disciples thanks to Kejdis Bakalli

Digest Week 6- Poetic Faith

Digest Week 7- Eccentric Faith


The studies below relate to our series ‘Follow’, which we shared in during summer 2013. It looked at a number of pratcial subjects which shape the life of a disciple of Christ. Here are some notes to help think through some of the issues involved and point us back towards following Jesus.

Pause for Thought Booklet for Church

Digest Week 1: Who is Jesus? What is our realitonship with him? What did he call us to?

Digest Week 2: What is a Disciple?

Digest Week 3: Living by Faith- Dealing with Fear and Doubt

Digest Week 4: Discipleship and Community’

Digest Week 5: Bible Reading

Digest Week 6: Prayer

Digest Week 7: Worship

Digest Week 8: Passions and Gifting- including reference to Spiritual Gifts Questionnaire

Digest Week 9: Generosity

Digest Week 10: Character, 24/7 Faith