The Alpha Course is low-pressure, fun and informative. A great way to come and enjoy an evening of chat and discussion about God, life and the universe around good food and drink with other people who are asking the same questions.

It is free and is for everyone, regardless of age, class, gender, language, or belief. The Alpha Film Course gives you the opportunity to hear great quality talks from people like Bear Grylls, ask any questions you like and share thoughts and experiences with other interesting people. Irresistible? We think so!



We are launching our NEW Alpha @ Home on a Wednesday Evening (term time only)

at a home near Stopsley Baptist Church, with coffee and desserts 

A fun evening watching the TV screening of the new ALPHA FILM SERIES followed by a led discussion time around the topic for the evening which ranges from: Who is Jesus? Why did Jesus Die? How and Why should we Pray or Read the Bible?  to… What about the Church?  This is your time to ask questions, listen and contribute in a small group discussion.  Over the twelve weeks Alpha runs, people often say that they find out things they have never thought about before but without exception the biggest and best part of Alpha is the community you find yourself belonging to, which can long outlast the course itself.

If you are interested in joining us for our NEW Alpha @ Home  please either fill in the form below and send a message, call the church office on 01582 727352 or email: and we will get back to you with a date when we have enough people interested to start one.  Thanks for looking, hope you can join us!