Stopsley Baptist Church is a community of missional communities. We are one church but expressed in a variety of beacon groups based in Luton and beyond.


These communities are the building blocks of SBC life, offering discipleship and encouraging us to be missional people in all aspects of the lives we lead.

We are passionate about sharing our love of Christ with others, being a welcoming and caring community as well as finding ways to serve and meet the needs of others.


These groups are centred on Christ, each striving to bring light and life to those people and places they are each a part of.


Beacon groups are communities:

  • Designed to share life together, meet regularly to worship, consider the Bible, celebrate, support, chat, pray and often eat with one another.
  • Created around a specific focus this could be geographical, a people group or shared interest.
  • Which are dynamic, filled with the presence and guided by the direction of the Holy Spirit.
  • That still have their identify in SBC but are places where we discover a deeper sense of belonging and purpose.
  • That shine!
Some of the current groups are commissioned so already up and running whereas others are in the early stages of exploring ideas and possibilities. Do feel free to contact a group if you would like to find out more.

So use the information here to help inform and guide the choice you make. Our prayerful hope is for all of us to discover the best beacon home as we seek to follow Jesus together.

God bless,

Eldership Team of SBC