Updated: 30/07/2020


Summer of Prayer – a six week teaching series over the summer months


Sun 2nd August – Week 2 – Rejoice: Adoration

Covering the importance of giving thanks to God and celebrating him in prayer- corresponding to ‘Hallowed be your name’.

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We will take part in a Virtual Coffee time on Zoom from 11.30am.  The Zoom Meeting ID and password are here. You will come into a waiting room when you join and then be admitted into the virtual lounge of SBC, then we’ll split into smaller rooms to chat together.


Week 3 – Ask: Petition and Intercession

Covering the way that prayer encourages us to ask God, for ourselves and for others.  Father God longs to give good gifts to his children- corresponding to ‘Your Kingdom come’ and ‘Give us today our daily bread’ – click here for challenge sheet 3

Week 4 – Ask: Unanswered Prayer

Covering the reality of experiencing a sense of not being heard, thinking about perspective and perseverance- corresponding to ‘Your will be done’ – click here for challenge sheet 4

Week 5 – Yield: Contemplation and Listening to God

Covering the idea that prayer is about being attentive to God and being in his presence, listening, as well as speaking.  It is a two way communication- corresponding to ‘…on earth as it is in heaven’ – click here for challenge sheet 5

Week 6 – Yield: Spiritual Warfare

Covering the notion that prayer involves wrestling with ourselves, with the attitudes of the world and with an enemy knowing that there is security and overcoming in Christ- corresponding to ‘Deliver us from evil’ – click here for challenge sheet 6


The Summer Prayer Course

Starts this Sunday 27th July at 7pm – more details to follow via the Enews (Weds), emailing (Sun lunchtime) and our FB page.  The Prayer Course Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8U1MAsL8nI 

Youthworks Summer Camp ‘Go Boldly’ 28th – 31st July is coming – sign up form here


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